20 thoughts Aussies have in Murica

September 6, 2017 1037 views

Here are 20 random thoughts (I’ve had whilst being here) Aussies have in America ?

1. Omg I’m actually in America.
2. Wow I’m a long way from home.
3. I wonder who that person voted for.
4. Why the fuck are the gaps between the doors in public toilets so big?
5. How can they not take Amex?
6. Guys, stop tooting, nobody can move.
7. Yahs I see you, you body confident queen.
8. I miss good Asian food.
9. I miss good, clean, fresh food.
10. Why would you top your waffles with fried chicken.
11. This subway is a freakin sauna.
12. I wish my building had a lift.
13. Walk faster people.
14. Really?! Another one? (Starbucks)
15. Within 2 hours? Unreal! (Amazon Prime)
16. Yum this thing called cilantro smells and looks like coriander.
17. Does everyone choke here?
18. Why would you “curb your dog”?
19. This country’s love affair with hummus is next level.
20. If employees need to be reminded to wash their hands after going to the toilet every time, I’m not sure I want to eat here.

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