AUS & USA: Same Same, but different

July 21, 2017 900 views

Top 20 same, same – but different. moments:

1. AUS: Entree = starter USA: Entree = main meal

2. AUS: regular portion sizes USA: illegal portion sizes

3. AUS: Religion: Jedi  USA: Jesus

4. AUS: Hungry Jack’s USA: Burger King

5. AUS: quality of food USA: quantity of food

6. AUS coffee: an art USA coffee: an assault

7. AUS: clean USA: filth

8. AUS: no guns USA: all the guns

9. AUS: Tradie USA: Super

10. AUS: Central aircon USA: BYO aircon

11. The date AUS: 18/07/2017 USA: 07/18/2017

12. AUS: no tipping USA: all the tips

13. AUS: final price on bill is final. USA: final price on check is not final.

14. AUS: Driving USA: Driving backwards

15. AUS: Kg, celsius, km, cm, USA: fahrenheit, feet, miles, gallons, lbs

16. AUS: fast, easy, digital, instant, cardless banking. USA: Cheques. Checks.

17. AUS: two-flush toilets USA: One flush toilet with a lot of water

18. AUS: different notes for different money value USA: all the notes = all the same

19. AUS: Vicious magpies USA: harmless crows

20. AUS: roll on deodorant USA: deodorant stick

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