Birthday Travel Treats: Oh So Sweet

September 15, 2017 1064 views

Vacay Day 1: Zurich > Faulensee > Interlaken

After recovering from our traumatic experience from JFK > Zurich (read full heart-stopping experience here) we made our way from Zurich to lake Thun (toohn) for (my) first ever lake swim. After some assurance from the neighbours that the water was warm, we made our way down the mountain to the water. The water was not warm. It took around 20 minutes to fully submerge under water, but we emerged with some super human strength.

For our first night in Switzerland, we headed across Lake Thun to Interlaken for the Unspunnen 2017 festival. We saw Swiss bands and traditional dancing, and feasted on melted cheese and grated potatoes.

Vegan delight

After a quick pizza lunch it was time to say bye to Anne & Chris and head back to Zurich for some family time.


?Friday September 1 2017 ? Happy Birthday ? Remigi ?

Birthday Treats:

?Drove the Porsche 911 to the Porsche centre in Zurich to swap cars to the Panamera E Hybrid (more comfortable for 3)

?Drove the Panamera E Hybrid Porsche to the Mercedes Factory in Germany

?Took the Mercedes factory tour (from a German guy who lived in QLD for 6 months)

?Drove the Panamera E Hybrid Porsche to the Mercedes museum

?Drove the Panamera E Hybrid Porsche to the Porsche museum

?Had an extremely gorgeous evening at the Christophorus restaurant, in the Porsche museum

?Drove the Panamera E Hybrid back to Zurich

?Swapped cars back to the Porsche 911 and drove back to Zurich

September 2 – 3 ? Family Birthday Weekend in Tchino  ?

?? ? ?? ⛵️ ?

The boarder: Italy & Switzerland

Family photos ?

Monday September 4
Checkin with the grandparents in Faulensee ?? Dinner in Bern with Simon & Laurence ?
back to Faulensee for the night ?

Tuesday September 5
Breakfast with the Grandparents ?? lunch in Bern with Simon & Laurence ? back to Zurich for a Tesla test drive ? and our last night of vacay ✈️


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