Camping expedition #1 ⛺️ I’m not scared ?

October 19, 2017 880 views

First, let me preface this blog post by explaining that neither Remi or I are campers. We’re more urban city explorers, but do love a good dose of wildlife. We figured that seeing as though one of us knows how to light a fire; we’re half way there.

We’d heard about Tentrr from some colleagues. They market Tentrr as “camping for non-campers” (tick) and it’s like AirBnB but for camping. You just choose your camping location and everything else is setup for you.

We wanted to check out all the different colours of the “fall leaves” so we headed upstate to the Big Indian Wilderness region on Friday night after work. We stayed in a town called Kerhonkson. Fun fact – it used to have the world’s largest garden gnome. Yep. For non-campers, we were off to a bit of a rocky start. Turns out, our group (of two) included an Arachnophobic and a Mottephobic… not a winning combination.

Spiders? ? There were plenty. But these little buggers didn’t bother me too much. It was only when Remi wanted to light all the candles, turn on all the torches and have our iPhone lights on full brightness to SEE all the spiders, is when things started to bother me. Our peaceful camping area transformed into a gargantuan war zone between Mother Nature & us, as the lights attracted an enormous eclipse of moths, dive-bombing our torches and spiraling out of control*.

– Exploring upstate NYC and seeing all the fall colours
– 3.5 hour hike through the Catskill Mountains
– Winding roads through colourful forests
– Camp fires ? ⛺️ ?
– The stars at night ?

Unexpected Surprises:
Bear growls throughout the night* ?
– Random gunshots at 2:30am*
– Air raid siren at 9am on Sunday morning*

Items marked with * were especially scary and may / may not have caused legitimate fear for one’s life / overall wellbeing. #Murica

Happy snaps from the scariest times of our lives:

Corn for days ?
Stopped to pick corn on the way home ?

✨Milky Way spotting ✨

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