Cheese, Chocolate and Croissants

January 16, 2018 1 comment1013 views

For the Christmas holidays we headed to Switzerland to meet my family who had flown up from Australia to meet with Remi’s family. Here are some of our highlights (and lowlights) from our two weeks in Switzerland.



  • Meeting up in Bern for the first time since April
  • Bringing both sides of the family together into one big Greek, Australian, Swiss, German, French speaking holiday
  • Christmas markets absolutely everywhere with strong glüvein and fresh nüsgipfel
  • Having a ball sledding on the Swiss Apls on Christmas day
  • Having the best cheese fondu and vermicelli any of us had ever had
  • Learning about Doris & Claude’s gypsie travels
  • Travelling to Zurich, Zermatt, Wengen, Grindelwald and Klosters in 10 days
  • Skiing in Zermatt
  • Following winter hiking trails in Zermatt and finding cheeky dogs who wouldn’t listen to their owners
  • Staying up drinking wine and playing boardgames all night
  • Buying delicious big slabs of chocolate as gifts but then accidentally spending more money on chocolate for ourselves
  • Going on a horse and carriage ride through Klosters to a hidden restaurant up in the alps for New Years
  • Celebrating New Years in Switzerland with both families ? ☃️
  • The view, everywhere.


  • Heading to Interlaken emergency hospital on Christmas day
  • Glacier Express being cancelled due to extreme avalanche warnings
  • Missing out on the view from the Jungfrau due to wheelchair inaccessibility
Never forget where you come from. Especially if it’s custom to take 2 weeks of holidays off during the Christmas break. Carry those rituals with you wherever you go.
Warm glùvine in the snow at the Zurich Christmas markets
Bakeries are a little bit extra in Zurich
Okay, super extra.
The Swarovski Christmas tree in Zurich ?
Family photo with Einstein. First meet up since April ?
Bahnhofstrasse – Zurich
on the train to Zermatt
Big Bro ?



Cuties! ?
Winter walks ⛄️

Awkward Family Photos ? ? ?
Toboggan lessons on Christmas day ?

That’s a wrap for 2017.

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