Dancin’ in September: Vancouver

September 6, 2018 618 views

Here’s a quick recap of the most mental month of our lives so far:

  • Travelled to Vancouver to go camping in back county Whistler for 3 days
  • Travelled to Switzerland for 5 days
  • Travelled to Toronto for 3 days
  • Travelled to Chicago for 3 days
  • Travelled to Dreamforce in San Francisco for a week
  • Landed at JFK after Dreamforce and picked up my parents at the gate next to us who are visiting for x3 weeks

Vancouver Recap:

For Remi’s birthday we swapped the hot, steaming concrete jungle for back country Canada. We made our way to Garibaldi Lake, a 2 hour drive out of Vancouver. The hike from the bottom of the mountain to half way up the mountain to the camp site was a solid x2 hours of intense switchbacks, but we made it to the campsite before dark and were able to set up tent, cook dinner, eat dinner and clean up all before dark. We were exhausted after our big hike so hit the hay early. We woke up with the sunrise and got moving. We were the first ones up and the first ones to the top of Panorama Ridge (top of the mountain in the pictures). After we spent some time taking in the breathtaking views, we hiked back down the mountain to the lake and stopped for snacks with a very picturesque view. After the full day hike we made it back down the mountain back to the car where we drove to Whistler to spend the night in The Fairmont Hotel (which we felt was very well deserved). The next few days were spent exploring the city of Vancouver and eating our way through the city.

Hike Numbers:

  • 40 km
  • 2133 elevation
  • 2 days

Vancouver highlights:

Our Jeep! ?
The Hike Ahead

Birthday Boy ?

Tent Setup
Morning views from the tent

So close to the top!

We climbed that mountain!!

en route to Whistler

Birthday surprise for bae ?

tandem biking around Vancouver

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