June / July Catchup

July 17, 2017 714 views

It’s been a super busy couple of weeks – with little blog downtime! So here’s a catchup post from the last few weeks xxx

So PRIDE in NYC is a big thing. Like a really big thing. All the shop windows are covered in rainbow messages of love, cop cars are decorated and even churches hang the LGBQT flag. The big finale was the pride march in Manhattan. It starts at 36th Street and Fifth Avenue and ends at Christopher and Greenwich streets. For those of you not familiar with NYC – it’s a long way. Google had it mapped out automatically in the weeks leading up to the march – not sure about “Dkye March” though…? 


We went to go watch the parade, but ended up actually marching in it, with Google:

Topshop’s shop window


Church flags
NYPD Decorations
Church – PRIDE Sunday
Pride march, watching from the sidelines

Getting involved
Costume: Ready


March ready!

All the colours, all the flags <3
Group photo!
PRIDE edition M&M’s!


Some amazing new friends introduced us to some excellent drunk food: Artichoke Pizza. Naturally, we were expecting a pizza, with artichoke on it. Right? Wrong!

This is looking promising!
What dis!?

Instead, we received a delicious CREAM / CHEESE SOUP pizza, with a sprinkle of artichoke [almost as a garnish]. Not what we were expecting, but delicious nevertheless. [Lactose intolerants – I do NOT advise].


It wouldn’t be a blog post without Central Park pics:

Raccoons at Turtle Pond!

A little Americana:


Play – with sound on
That dog’s got a better set of whites than I do
Happy hour at 11am

When in desperate need of a good coffee, it’s nice to know we can head to Little Collins St <3
Prison Games [they saw me taking the photo… we ran]
it works or it’s free


Free salad after our run – thanks to the lovely manager! “Just pay it forward for someone else!”

xiao long bao in China town! <3

Summer night movies at Bryant Park

(The videos are too big to upload… 🙁 check out my insta for the vids!)

Other shenanigans

4th July fireworks
These guys! <3 #speakeasy
These guys! <3

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