Kisses from the Commonwealth

February 18, 2020 545 views

Hugs and kisses. If you’re back home reading those words, nothing would seem too out of the ordinary in the context of greeting another friend. Not so in the good ol’ USA. Hugs, yes. Kisses? Risky business. The first time I really noticed it was when we were out to dinner with another couple, and I greeted them both a with a big hug and kiss, which made our male friend turn all kinds of red. Initially I was like, that wasn’t because of me. Until it was home time, we repeated the gestures and it happened again – to which I was sure. It was me. So since that little encounter i’ve been cautious who I splash out kisses too.  I’d forgotten such an event occurred until recently when we were visiting some friends in Canada and I was greeted with with so many hugs and kisses. and then it clicked; it must be the Commonwealth connection.

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