Saunas, sleds and snowmobiles

January 26, 2018 826 views

Levi – what a dream! It was a totally different world, so gorgeous and unlike anything i’d ever seen before. We hired out a two story log cabin not too far out of the town, and opted for local family-run activities, rather than big tourist organised activities. The winter activities are amazing, and highly recommended!


  • a 3 hour snowmobile safari through frozen lakes and forests to a little wood cabin hidden in the mountain to have homemade (Reindeer or vegetable) soup, breads, jams, waffles, traditional desserts, tea, coffee and hot chocolates by an open fire
  • Reindeer riding, snow shoeing and ice fishing with our very comical host from Eastern Europe
  • Patting and playing with the beautiful husky dogs before driving a six dog sled through forests and mountains of soft soft snow, then past frozen lakes to an open fire to cook sausages before hopping back in our sleds to drive home
  • Having a sauna as a standard for everywhere you go
  • Having hot chocolates and toasting marshmallows by the open fire


  • the entire family (almost) catching phenomena and full-body frostbite during our dog-sledding activity
  • Missing out on the northern lights as we needed to thaw out in the sauna after the dog-sledding


  • Not realizing my socks had caught on the open fire because my toes were so frozen
  • Being able to have reindeer any which way – soup, steak, chips
  • Our iPhones always turning off because of the extreme temperatures
Trying to show the only taxi driver at Levi airport at 3am where we are staying
Our back yard

Reindeer riding

ice fishing

You know it’s cold when the INSIDE of the car is frozen

Defrosting after almost dying from frostbite

when it’s -30 outside there’s nothing better than warming up by the fire with a hot chocolate
Last hoorah!

Can’t wait to see you again, Levi!  ?

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