The Big V

April 11, 2018 947 views

Contrary to popular belief, there is not one, but two Vancouvers. Both named after the British (of course) Sea Capitan, George Vancouver. At the end of the 18th Century Georgie-boy had discovered so much, he had two major cities named after him in honour. The “original” Vancouver in Washington (State – not DC) is 60 years older than Vancouver #2 (BC) and for most of his life has been overshadowed by his bro up north. Of course as in any healthy sibling relationship, there is rivalry between Little V and Big V.

While I haven’t trecked to the “original” Little V (yet) here are some highlights of my time in The Big V.

The Glass City

Cherry Bs

Lionsgate Bridge

Gastown Clock

These guys! ? Thanks for the best [unexpected] week!

Sipping Vancouvers in Vancouver ?


I am Groot!


Guys. After an all nighter, they let me back in!

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