The Chicago Surprise

March 7, 2018 891 views

Remi had asked me to take Friday off work and pack an overnight bag as he wanted to take me somewhere for my birthday. More than obligingly, I packed my bags and Friday came around sooner than expected but I still didn’t know any details. That doesn’t mean I didn’t question it constantly.

“Are we leaving New York?”

“Are we leaving New York State?”

“Are we going somewhere warm?”

“How are we getting there?”

“How long will it take to get to our destination?”

“Do I need my passport?”

“Do I need my travel documents?”

“Are we going international?”

“Where are we going!”

Remi did very well not to let anything slip, especially being under this constant cross-examination like scrutiny.

When we rocked up at the Airport that’s when I really started to get excited. WHERE ARE WE GOINGGGGG??!! I squealed – and still, no go.

It was after check in that Remi finally decided to share details on the surprise. We were going to CHIIICAAAGOOOOO! Top of my Places-I-want-to-see-in-America list, home of the Spread Eagle and the “Best City in the World Right” now ?? according to Time Out.

I envisioned gangster’s walking around in black hats smoking pipes and looking both ways suspiciously before crossing the streets. While we did look both ways before crossing the streets, we didn’t see any Gangsters (not this trip anyway).

Chicago had some of the iciest feels I’ve experienced so far in America (notwithstanding the side-eye that gets thrown around at MTV). Weather aside, Chicago was a blast of fun. The city is gorgeous (bonus points for being clean), the people are so nice, their transportation is easy, their accent is slightly Southern and their food is delicious! Remi had booked us into the Intercontinental right smack bang at the beginning of the Magnificent Mile. We had a room with a view, got upgraded and received x4 free drinks at the hotel bar because it was my birthday!

The Chicago Surprise Highlights (in no particular order):

  • Surprise tickets to go see Hamilton  (okay this one is in order)
  • The Bean
  • The Nutella Cafe
  • Dinner at Tanta
  • Dinner at The Purple Pig
  • Walking up and down the Magnificent Mile
  • Visiting Chicago’s Disney store (Disney was born in Chicago)
  • Walking on the frozen Lake Michigan
  • Discovering a CupCake ATM
  • Exploring the Navy Pier
  • Walking through Millennium Park
  • Discovering delicious baked goods and fresh food
  • Walking along the boardwalk
  • Sneaking into the Chairmans Lounge at Chicago airport on the way back to New York and getting access to the free bar and food ? ? ? ?

Happy Snaps:

Waiting for our ride to WHERE?!
Arrived at the airport!
Excited for Chicago!

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