The Green Mountain State

February 10, 2019 678 views

Vermont; perhaps the happiest place in New York State. We headed off for a long weekend to visit the most beautiful, warm, down to earth and generous couple we’ve met in the US; Chris & Cat. Our story with Chris and Cat started when they offered their Brooklyn apartment to us to live in for the first week of our move to NY while they had jetted off to Europe. We had stayed in their place for a week without having met them.  ?

Fast forward a year and a half, a fourth of July trip down to North Fork and a magical wedding in Stone Harbor, Chris and Cat left the madness that is NYC for the Green Mountain State; and understandably so.

The plane ride over told us everything. It was a small regional plane, with a two by two seat formation. It wasn’t a long trip, but by the time we had touched down in Vermont, everyone on the plane knew each other. The two guys next to us were talking as if they’d known each other for years and were laughing over beers; but when we touched down they shook hands, introduced themselves and went their separate ways.

A stark contrast to NYC.

Vermont was gorgeous, filled with quaint shops, delicious breweries and it did NOT  disappoint on food. The farm-to-table vibe was strong and we stuffed ourselves with the freshest and most delicious produce we’d had in a while. We were chauffeured around to the best spots in and out of town, from lakeside breweries to the new north end, arcade bars to dog parks and everything in between.

It was so great to have some real face time with these two, we left with both our hearts and bellies full.

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