West Coast Expedition: Napa, Giant Sequoia Trees, #DF19, LA & Vegas 

December 1, 2019 704 views


The 2 week expedition started on Friday night when Remi and I scooted over to the West Coast to spend the weekend in Napa. Cali wines get a good wrap over here and we were excited to try some local produce. It’s definitely a different taste to the Australian wines but we enjoyed the drive and countryside – it was gorgeous to drive around and see the wineries. We got our little hire car and drove up north to start our fully day of wine appreciation. We started at the Napa Valley Welcome Center where we met the cutest & most helpful guide – Harry who’d be celebrating, at my best guess, a birthday in the 90s – who gave us wonderful recommendations for the rest of the day. The dinner spot (which Harry also recommended) was by far our favourite – with fresh, flavourful farm-to-table style food. We tried to sneak into a mud bath post dinner, but they were all full! ? So we’re saving it for next time.

Pre flight bubbles
Pre flight bubbles
The Road Trip begins!
Entering Napa
Wine country

Garden goodness

Oil tasting
Farm to table deliciousness

Calaveras Big Tree State Park

Sunday saw us hop back in the car for a bit of a journey to the Calaveras Big Tree State Park to see the Giant Sequoia trees (which, for me, were way more impressive than Napa ?). They were incredibly majestic and thousands of years old. The air actually smelt sweet and we had the best weather ever.

Breakfast of champions
USA countryside
Apple Trees

so majestic

Dreamforce 2019 #DF19

Monday was the beginning of #DF19 which was amazing and wild and exhausting all at the same time.It feels like an Apple Conference, but Dreamforce 2019 was the best.lineup. ever.There was way too much to write about so the #DF19 highlights include:

  • The gorgeous Japanese hotel we stayed at in Japan Town
  • Dinner with Janna & Archie at The House talking all thing work & weddings
  • Seeing Brett Taylor, Marc Benioff & Keith Block practice for their big Keynote presentation
  • Macklemore concert
  • Remi’s Financial Services keynote
  • Bumping into colleagues from all over the world on the streets of SF
  • Checking out the San Francisco Salesforce tower & the view from the top floor
  • Fleetwood Mac & Crowded House concert
  • Catching Obama and Amelia Clarke chat for their Fireside Chats
Forever chasing sunsets
Monday night dinners
Dreamforce 2019 begins!

Macklemore Concert
View from Salesforce Headquarters in SF

Fleetwood Mac

#HappyCampers 2019

Legit cannot believe that Dreamforce is still going

Los Angeles

Highlights with Sam & Bik, Maeve, Fin & Zeek include:

  • Real FaceTime with our favourites
  • Morning play times with Maeve
  • Friendsgiving x LA
  • Nature hikes with a view
  • Winter not existing

Las Vegas

How insane, really. Highlights include:

  • Road tripping to Hoover Dam
  • Walking from Arizona to Nevada across the dam bridge
  • 7 Magic Mountains
  • The Strip
  • Winning $350 with Denise
  • Vegas shows & dinners
  • Drinks “to-go”

Dinner at Tao
Sake fleet tasting towers captured perfectly

Thanksgiving Breaky

Thankful for this cute face
Robot Bar tenders

7 Magic Mountains + -5 degrees + head colds = quick snap

Got a to-go cup for my whiskey




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