When brosef comes to town

August 21, 2017 887 views
Malibu & Watermelon welcome drink <3
Summer nights, ice cream delights
Joe & the Juice
Joe & The Juice Lunch

Fresh Guac Made at the table
Fresh Mexicana
Bagel & cawfee
Hippopotamus! #LincolnSquare
Us and the bins at #LincolnSquare
Grand Central Station

Michelin Mexican
Subway Selfie

Excuse me, Mr Telephone, we’d like a drink. #speakeasy #where’sthedoor
Central Park

Fig & Olive brunching on Sunday
Sunday Brunch


Times Square

M&M shoppeeee
For the last lunch, we eat Lobster
Lobster lobster lobster lobster
All day eats for last day in NYC
Bryant Park Grill #NYC
BROADWAY! #Aladdin
BROADWAY! #Aladdin
BROADWAY! View #Aladdin
BROADWAY! #Aladdin

Spot Dessert Bar #NextLevel
Spot Dessert Bar #NextLevel

Angel’s Share – #speakEasy

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